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We at Paper Mill are dedicated to a sustainable growth and development, safe working environment and high quality products for our clients, based on the principles of circular economy, protection of the environment and public health as well as an overall contribution to the community where we operate.

The only waste paper recycling factory in the Republic of North Macedonia
Recycles up to 15.000 tonnes per year
It has recycled 50.500 tonnes of paper so far
Employs 120 people
Invested 8 million Euros in technology
Exports to 10 countries

Environmental Protection

Paper Mill Kochani is the only factory for recycling waste paper in the Republic of North Macedonia. Our efforts are comprehensively focused on the environment protection, and not only declaratively, but also through intensive investments and implementation of technologies and practices for ecological behavior.

Social Responsibility

We are devoted to the full completion of our commitment to provide high quality products, to appreciate the customers, partners and employees, to provide a healthy and safe working environment, a healthy environment and to be an active contributor in the local and wider community.