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Did you know

Recycled paper has seven lives! The same paper can be recycled up to seven times without losing fibre, i.e. cellulose properties
In order to produce 1 ton of paper, 1,3 tonnes of waste paper are needed, whereas 17 grown trees are needed if we use new raw material. In order to protect the trees, it is important to manufacture paper by recycling.
In 2020 Paper Mill recycled 15.000 tonnes of waste paper and turned it to products, paper that is to be used again. This helped us protect 187.000 trees
Discarded waste paper takes up the largest space of the landfills. It takes 2-6 weeks for the paper to disintegrate, which is much less than other materials. But, due to its quantity, it is better to recycle it since it would save a lot of space. This will reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources needed for the manufacturing of new paper