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We are committed to fulfilling our commitment to provide high quality products, to respect our clients, partners and employees, to provide a healthy and safe working environment, a healthy natural environment and to be an active stakeholder in the local and wider community. It is only in this way that we can provide a sustainable business and sustainable growth for our company for our shareholders. The sustainability of Paper Mill is constructed on three main pillars: environmental protection, social responsibility, care for the community and care for the employees.

Environmental Protection

Paper Mill is the only waste paper recycling facility in the Republic of North Macedonia. Our commitments are fully directed towards the protection of the environment, not only through a declaration, but also through major investments and the implementation of technologies and practices for ecological behavior. During the course of 5 years since the takeover of the old factory in Kochani, Paper Mill invested 8 million Euros in:

  • Methane vessel.
  • Biomass vessel that replaced the old heavy oil vessel significantly reduced the harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulphate oxides (NOx и SOx).
  • Investments in a water filtration.
  • Pipes purging system and system for adding additional air in the vessel burner that reduces the amount of СО in the smoke emissions.
  • Application of technologies for reducing the consumption of energy and water.
  • Baghouse filter is used to reduce the particulates emission into the air by two thirds, or 50 mg/Nm³.
  • Installing technologies for recirculating the used water into the process thus virtually eliminating the releasing of waste water.
  • Sand filter for waste water recycling.
  • Implementation of quality management and environment management systems according to international ISO standards.
  • First phase of the waster water treatment plant realized and additional budget had been allocated for the completion of this project by the end of 2021.

The collection and use of waste paper as raw material aids in resolving the problem with the storage of waste paper on useful areas and it is involved in the meeting the national waste materials recycling goals of the country.

Paper Mill uses only ecological energy resources - biofuels, biomass - sunflower pellets and compressed natural gas - methane. The factory has set up a complete installation and only minor adjustments are required in order to switch the manufacturing to central natural gas supply when it becomes available in the vicinity of the town of Kochani.

Social Responsibility

Being an active stakeholder in the community where it operates is of huge importance to Paper Mill. In addition to the significant socio-economic impact that the company has both in the local community and on a national level - through employment, payment of contributions and taxes to the state as well as engaging the local suppliers, the company is strongly committed to investing in the activities that are beneficial to the local community and improve the lives of the people in Kochani. It is important to us to work responsibly – responsibly in terms of the law, but also in terms of the community of that we belong to.
Paper Mill is open to support projects related to the protection of the environment, recycling, educational projects for raising awareness about the conservation of the environment and natural resources, donations and help to socially vulnerable groups and other projects of general interest to the public. All interested parties can request a meeting to present the project or to send us a short project summary at: office@paper-mill.eu.

Employee Care

We at Paper Mill believe that our employees are our most valuable resource and their safety is our priority. We invest in regular medical check-ups, education for safety at work and control of the labour process in order to provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees.

Besides, we invest in trainings in order to expand their knowledge and skills, upgrading their experience and increase their competences. Paper Mill provides a just and fair work environment without discrimination on any basis whatsoever and fostera a culture of mutual understanding, respect and cooperation.