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About Paper Mill Kochani


Paper Mill Kochani is the only factory for recycling waste paper in North Macedonia. This paper mill in Kochani is one of the oldest factories in North Macedonia, founded in 1963, located in the area of Kochani municipality, with a total area of 80.000 m2.

In 2016 the factory was taken over by the UNITRADE CLUSTER from Republic of Bulgaria and immediately after its reopening it started with a massive reconstruction of its manufacturing facilities, outdated due to ceasing of its operation during the past years. From the moment of restarting the factory until today, more than 8 million Euros have been invested in advanced technology for environmental protection, improved quality of the products as well as for increased capacity. Special approach has been made towards clean technologies for adaptation and recyling. Today the factory is 100% focused on waste paper recycling with modern treatment plant and uses exclusively biomass and natural gas as basic energy inputs. The factory possesses A Integrated License from the Ministry of Environment of Republic of North Macedonia, as well as several quality and technology certificates. The factory fulfills the capacity for recycling of all the waste paper generated in all of the Republic of North Macedonia. The current annual recycling capacity is 15.000 tonnes of waste paper that Paper Mill turns into modern paper products with high quality. We have already prepared projects for a triple increase of this capacity.

We at Paper Mill are dedicated to a sustainable growth and development, safe working environment and high quality products for our clients, based on the principles of circular economy, protection of the environment and public health as well as an overall contribution to the community where we operate.

CEO’s Message

Dear visitors,

Since 2016, after taking over one of the oldest production facilities in the country, Paper Mill Kochani has been constantly investing in new and modern technologies, and we, in our factory give a "new life" to old waste paper and we provide important contribution towards the realization of national goals for recycling as the sole paper recycling plant in the country.

Our goals and investment plans remain ambitious and are oriented towards three main pillars: 1) investments in the improvement of the processes in order to increase energy efficiency - increase of waste paper recycling capacities, portfolio and production quality, 2) investments in sustainability - safety and well-being of our employees, a healthy environment and support of the local community, 3) building and maintaining relations with our customers and all our strategic stakeholders, the local community, state institutions, non-governmental organizations and the public to mirror our efforts of being a good corporate citizen, whose existence and operation has additional value and a strong socio-economic contribution to the community.

We recycle all waste paper in the country and create high-quality paper products from it, which we export to ten countries in the region and Europe. We aim to make maximum use of our facilities for the processing of all waste paper in the country and its reuse. By constantly investing in advanced technologies to completely eliminate the impact on the environment and excelling our products, we strive to expand our customer base to as many markets as possible, to ensure stability and development for the company, but also for the national economy.
We, at Paper Mill, are committed to sustainable growth and development, a safe working environment and quality products for our customers, based on the principles of circular economy, protection of the environment and public health and overall contribution to the community in which we operate.
We look with optimism to the future, we work hard and we create a successful story for recycling in the Republic of North Macedonia, and we invite you to join and recycle together.

Ivelin Mirchev Kovachev, Chief Executive Officer of Paper Mill Kochani


Our employees are our most valuable resource, all 120 members of the Paper Mill family. Paper Mill employs mainly local professionals from Kochani at almost all work posts.

The average age of our employees is 46,7 years. Most of the employees, i.e. 60% have high school vocational education, 20% have elementary education, 4% of the employees are with higher education whereas 16% of our employees have high education or master's degree. Our efforts are directed towards a continuous providing of adequate health and safety conditions at work, creating a safe and healthy work environment, stable income and conditions that enable our employees to feel content and safe.

Education and training for all employees that are a part of Paper Mill are an integral part of working at Paper Mill, whereas transparency and equity that are based on mutual respect and equality are the core ingredient and value of every member of our team.

Ivelin Mirchev Kovachev
Chief Executive Officer
Igor Tasevski
Chief Administrative Officer
Vencislav Tomov
Chief Commercial Officer


Paper Mill Kochani is a member of the Unitrade Cluster Group from Bulgaria, whose main activities are waste management and recycling. Unitrade Cluster was founded in 2013. The company received EU financing as part of the operative program "Competitiveness 2007-2013" for development of its activity of waste management and waste recycling. Main activity of the cluster is collection (from point of origin), transport, storage, pretreatment, recycling (regranulation) of plastic and nylon waste and their further processing for the market in the shape of recycled material for manufacturing of goods made of regranulated polyethylene.

The cluster consists of seven companies that cooperate closely by sharing knowledge and technology in the domain of waste management and all of them enjoy excellent reputation. Unitrade Cluster Ltd. is a holding company comprised of the following members: „Unitrade 2002 Ltd.”, “Vadias Ltd.”, “MKD-69 Ltd.”, “Unitrade 2011 Ltd.”, “Vadias Trade Ltd.”, „Unitrade Eko Ltd.“ and „Max Trade Sped Ltd.“. The cluster was created in order to provide business cooperation and stimulus for development of assets, technology and infrastructure and to provide joint investments, as one of the main competitive advantages of a cluster, virtually impossible for a single company.

Apart from this, the regional concentration of the cluster members and the relative proximity of other economic factors important for the sector, facilitate the creation of other synergies, such as more efficient use of qualified workforce and increase of the already established market share. The regional importance of the Unitrade cluster has several directions and it is directly related to the waste collection, transport and recycling, as issues of huge social and ecological importance. In this context, the members of the cluster focus on management by defining the following important goals:

Establishing the cluster in the community and developing a wide network of business partnerships

Creating international contacts and partnerships with an aim of creating transnational cluster relationships

Developing programs for construction of manufacturing capacities for processing of all types of waste as well as investing in the development of new methods for reuse

Expanding the presence on the local and international markets in the domain of waste management

Unitrade 2002

is a company that is involved in domestic and foreign trade as its main activities: purchase, pretreatment and trade of waste, pretreatment of metallic and non-metallic waste and wholesale of waste and scrap metal, after issuing the necessary documentation.

Unitraded 2011

is a company that was founded in 2011 in Sofia and its main activities are collection, storage, pretreatment, domestic and international trading on the markets of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap, vehicles at their end of life (EOL), electric and electronic waste (WEEE), waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) as well as metal packaging waste. Apart from all its main activities, the company operates in the domain of collection, transporting and temporary storage of waste paper, plastics, nylon and glass.

Unitrade Eco

main activity of the company is collection, temporary storage, pretreatment and marketing followup of waste paper, cardboard, plastics, nylon, wood and other types of packaging waste


main activity of the company is collection, temporary storage, pretreatment, transport and recycling of waste plastic. As its additional activities, this company performs collection, transport and temporary storage of waste paper, nylon, plastics and glass, vehicles at their end of life (EOL), electric and electronic waste (WEEE), waste batteries and accumulators (WBA), non-ferrous metals and metal packaging waste.


main activity is collection, pretreatment and recycling of polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyetylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyetylene (LLDPE) and their further placement on the market. A part of the granulate (10-12%) are processed into final products - polyethylene film, plastic bags and jumbo bags, whereas the rest (88-90%) are sold as a raw material on the Bulgarian and Balkan markets, as well as on the markets of other European Union member states.

Max Sped Trade

main activity is international transport and fowarding as well as collection and transport of waste and construction waste that cannot be recycled, commercial and domestic waste throughout the country and abroad.

For more information, please visit the web site: http://www.unitrade2002.com/unitradeeco.html


Paper Mill Kochani cooperates with many companies and business partners in the Republic of North Macedonia, from which it sources various services - logistics and transportation services, raw materials necessary for regular operation of the factory, purchase of waste paper, purchase of energy and electricity, mechanical maintenance, construction work and other major and minor purchases. This enables Paper Mill to actively include the local companies into its system of operations, thus directly affecting the sustainability of the other industries and development of the local economy. We are open for new opportunities and expansion of our network of collaborators and friends. In 2020, the cooperation of Paper Mill with Macedonian companies was worth over 2,8 million Euros.

Career at Paper Mill

We are constantly following the methods and trends in the processes of employment and human resources management. Here, we offer a simplified approach for all the persons interested to apply for vacancies and expressing their interest in employment at Paper Mill. Your application and presentation on this web site will enable us a faster and more effective insight into your expertise and professional qualifications that could allow you to become a part of the Paper Mill team.
If you are interested for employment in this industry and you believe that you could contribute to our continuous growth and development through you experience, please apply by filling in the application form below, or send your CV to the following email address: office@paper-mill.eu.
Paper Mill offers competitive remuneration according to candidate's qualifications, opportunities for training and retraining and additional education, equipment and training for safe operation, safe and productive working environment with opportunities for professional and personal improvement and advancement.