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The products of the Pepper Mill are jumbo rolls of different dimensions according to the order of the customers. The maximum width of the rolls is 2550 mm and a diameter of 1300 mm. The products are subject to strict production control aided by the Valmet system with an integrated Metso scanner as well as by its own laboratory as the final control point. With more innovations, old systems have been upgraded to meet modern standards.
Paper Mill manufactures several types of paper made by recycling of waste paper, such as:

  • Fluting paper with a weight from 70 up to 180 grams/m2, that is used for the wavelike part of the cardboard box.
  • Schrenz paper with a weight from 80 up to 180 grams/m2, that is used for joining two wavelike sections in order to achieve box firmness.
  • White and gray packaging paper with a whiteness from 45% up to 70% and weight from 60 up to 180 grams/m2, used for packaging. It is produced in jumbo rolls and boards.
  • Plotter paper, with a weight from 60 up to 90 grams/m2, used in the textile industry, as well as in automotive industry for airbags production.
  • Bags paper, with a weight from 70 up to 140 grams/m2, used for the production of paper bags, products like fruit bags, fast food bags, grocery and supermarket bags.
  • Core Board Paper with a weight from 180 up to 230 grams/m2, used for manufacturing sleeves for toilet paper and kitchen towels.
Our finished product is a roll that is firmly wound on a core, that is later sold to our clients that use our product to manufacture cardboard according to their needs, thus reusing the paper.

Paper Mill also offers formatted finished product - packaging paper. The dimensions vary according to our clients' requirements.

Fluting WB

Fluting or Medium is a paper that is used to make cardboard elements. This type of paper is of key importance for the production of strong boards/boxes, since its characteristics affect the strength of a box. Key indicators of Fluting quality are its CMT and SCT values.


Schrenz is another type of liner, that is mainly used for the inner layer of the three-layer box or in the five-layer box for the construction of the middle and inner flat layers. Since this paper is made without adding starch, dyes and squeeze, it is a paper with lower technical characteristics. It can also find its application in the manufacturing of paper sleeves with small capacity, primarily used in the manufacturing of hygienic products.

Brown Bags Paper

Brown Bags Paper is a special type of waterproof paper with a high degree of firmness, used for manufacturing of paper bags used in supermarkets and stores, as fast food packaging as well as for packaging of fruit and vegetables. Our paper for bags is characterized by a pleasant brown color, high degree of water resistance and excellent quality parameters.

Plotter Paper

Plotter paper is a kind of a lightweight paper that is intended primarily for use in the textile and sewing industry, as well as in automotive industry for airbags production.

Core Board Paper

Core board paper is a cardboard with a weight of 180-230 gsm/m2, that is used for the manufacturing of sleeves for kitchen towels, toilet paper and other products.

Client Support

Paper Mill is fully devoted to providing highest quality of its products and achieves this through quality management systems, constant quality control of its products and the overall manufacturing process.

Our team of experts provides full support to our customers according to their requirements related to product dimensions and characteristics. We build a relationship of professional partnership with our customers and we meet their needs and demands completely as far as the products and/or the logistics are concerned

For detailed information, please write to: office@paper-mill.eu.

Our Clients

Paper Mill sells its products in several countries in the region. Our customer are the companies in the region that are the largest manufacturers of cardboard boxes and paper bags, as well as of all types of paper products. At the same time, Paper Mill supports the independent manufacturers and paper convertors.
We can proudly state that we work with the majority of the manufacturers within a radius of 1000 km from our factory.